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All boat rentals are based on a 8 hour day and require a credit card deposit.

Weekday rate is $350  Weekend Rate is $400 and Holidays & Holiday Weekends Add $50 per day.

Fuel is paid by the renter.

Boat rentals are mid profile performance boats, both Jet and I/O.

Boating experience required.

Call for Info and Reservations
928-230-9055 or 928-733-6054

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Boat on my time or your time? Ask about overnight boat rental charges!

The following boats are available to rent. Please call first to confirm availability on any specific boat.

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We rented Bob’s speedboat this year over Labor Day Weekend on both Saturday & Sunday and we had a wonderful experience! It was our first time renting anything through HBC Motors & we’d found the ad on Craigslist. The boat was a bit older, but Bob’s pricing is much more reasonable then most other Lake Havasu boat rental places (we paid $700 cash TOTAL for 2 x 12 hour days + gas for the boat for the weekend, which was $50 on day one – we filled up en route to the launch).

He also launched the boat in the water for us (he paid the daily $20 parking fee at the boat launch parking lot to drive his car, the boat, & us in). I just sat in the boat while he put the trailer into the water & then I headed off to tie up near the bridge (my friend drove our car over to where I would be tying the boat up & helped me).

Also, he met us @ 6:00 AM both mornings (our request) and we met back up with him @ 6:00 PM in the evenings at the launch (again, our request). Many Lake Havasu boat rentals don’t let you pick up their boats until 9:00 AM & then you must drop them back off by 3:00 PM (9:00 AM is too late to get a good spot near the bridge to tie up and 6 hours isn’t enough for our group to fully enjoy their time on the lake). This was the clincher for us because holiday weekends in the channel get very busy & the best tie ups near the London Bridge get snatched up early in the morning.

His prices coupled with the fact that he helped us launch the boat (we didn’t have to worry about towing it anywhere) AND let us keep it for 12 hours each day made this experience exactly what we were looking for. We would tie up the boat each morning & then head back to the rental house to sleep a few more hours before our whole group was ready to head to the channel.

We had a rather large group, so we didn’t actually take the boat out for any water sports or much cruising (but I think it had the pick up for water sports – ask Bob). Also, Bob even dropped us off (the 4 of us that would drive the boat back to meet him each day) at our rental house each night! He’s a gem!

We will definitely be renting through him again next year! Thanks for everything Bob!